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…that is one sad replica D:

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disgusting piece of shit


Lol I came back after several months and my inbox is FILLED with butthurt anons

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Seriously, do the cops in Ferguson actually know why they’re here or did they just take that as an opportunity to beat up black people some more without any consequence ?

Let me answer that for you, seeing as my uncle is a police officer in Arnold that was called over to Ferguson to help deal with all the violence at night! And I’ll supplement that with the word of all my friends in the area.

They’re there to protect people. Do you even know anybody who lives in Ferguson? Because there’s a lot of people out there who are staying with family outside of the city for a while, and a lot of the people there are wishing they could. It’s like a fucking war zone at night. Police are being brought in to bring down the rioters that are destroying Ferguson’s neighborhoods (and many of them aren’t even from the area!). There’s peaceful protests going on, sure, but very few police officers (if any) give two shits about them. They’re being called in to stop the violence. That’s their job. I can’t begin to grasp how purposefully ignorant one would have to be to think that they’re just going ~to beat up black people ‘cause racism lol~. I really do wonder whether any of you have ever known a police officer.

This whole fiasco is one big fuck up, on the protesters and rioters’ part as well. Think about it: without even trying to understand what actually happened, everybody decided that it must have been a random act of racism and brutality against a black teen who wasn’t doing anything wrong. But then, when the evidence started popping up (that, hey, this was a gigantic kid, had just performed a robbery, and had beat the officer really badly), people refused to accept that maybe the officer wasn’t just a crazy, cruel, brutal racist. For some reason everybody has decided that looking at the facts isn’t important and that we should just make a ton of assumptions, because the guy was black and the officer was white. And now there’s a ton of adrenaline junkies hijacking peaceful protests and looting/vandalizing local (black-owned!) businesses, but when police come in from other counties to protect the innocent citizens that the extremists are terrorizing, they must only be coming because they hate black people. Of course. Because if you have a certain skin color underneath your uniform, you obviously just hate anybody with different colored skin. 

I understand that a lot of people in Ferguson do not trust the police. I understand that a lot of black people in America feel that they are treated unfairly. But if you want to protest racism as a whole, this is an awful case to use as a proxy. It’s not like black people are shot at a disproportionate rate compared to white people in the first place (in fact, so far the list brings black people to a cool 13%, which is about their percentage in the population as a whole). Look through the list; there isn’t any more brutality directed towards black people than any other race.

The few things that y’all have gotten right? That six shots is excessive, that corrupted police officers exist (not that this guy was likely to be one), and that racism exists. Almost everything else is pure grade bullshit, and I have a hard time believing you don’t know that.

Now get your pseudo-activism idiocy out of my hometown. Go destroy your own neighborhoods instead of the perfectly good Ferguson community.

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After seeing all these stories about Ferguson I imagine a lot of black people feel as uneasy and scared around the police as most girls feel walking alone at night, fearing getting raped and that’s fucking awful.

"How can I somehow turn around everything to be about feminism…"

The ferguson tag is hilarious, I should have known that Tumblr would be among the least informed with the highest concentrations of stupidity.

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I was going to leave a harshly worded message in your ask as your blog makes me mad, but I decided against it when I realised you're a person too and that I should not lower myself to that level. Instead I want to tell you that I hope your life is going okay and that I hope you're having a great day today.


Aren’t you a special snowflake.

(Why are you even here? I’ve barely posted for months…)

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Telling dad I want to bring pepper spray with me when I go to school and he’s like “You have to be careful with that stuff, it can do real damage to a guy.” Yes. Good. That’s the point.

I’m not going to be “careful” with a guy who’s trying to attack me and shame on my father for making me feel guilty about wanting self defense

Telling you to be careful with a weapon is shaming you now? Jesus fucking christ. Not to mention you could get in trouble at a lot of school campuses…

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"I don’t like the words feminist or feminism because it comes across as hating men and that offends me" yah well 6 innocent people are dead bc girls wouldn’t touch a guys dick and girls are getting shot and stabbed for turning down prom invitations to be quite honest I couldn’t give less of a fuck if feminism offends you

So, what, do you think feminism can solve mental illness or something? Good luck with that.

In the meantime, normal, decent people will be offended by a hate movement.

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i honestly think it’s kind of sad that cis men are at such a low risk in almost every normal situation compared to women for just like… existing but men are so scared of doing anything even a bit outside of the norm for fear of encountering a fraction of the violence or judgment that women encounter on a daily basis regardless of their choices

for that reason alone i’d dress unconventionally and shop partially in the women’s section if i were male, just to express solidarity with women (not to mention the options it would open up in terms of personal aesthetic)

Actually, men are at a much higher risk than you to experience violence. Like, several times more. It’s obvious you’re completely clueless about violence statistics, so why are you making a public dislay of your ignorance?.

Also your generalizations make no sense and make you sound like a blabbering idiot. I’ve certainly never seen men more afraid to go “outside the norm”; that isn’t really a gender-centric thing.

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fuckin’ patriarchy, man


Today it was really fucking hot. And I was dressed all in black. I was dehydrated and overheating. So I took off my boots and my shirt while I was in the car with Malachi. It was really nice to first of all, not be dangerously hot, and to feel sort of liberated and comfortable with my body for once. Malachi said it was nice to get to appreciate my human body in a nonsexual context, too.

But as soon as we stop at a red light next to some dude in a big red truck, I know he’s staring at me. He’s smiling as he inches his truck forward more and more to get a better view. I flip him off but he continues smiling. Malachi’s silent the whole time. I eventually just looked away because I couldn’t stand to see his face anymore. At first I reacted like it was my own fault that I was uncomfortable and embarrassed. But it was his, for sexualizing my body and harassing me (when I made it obvious that I didn’t want it) because he is a disgusting, perverted, older man.  

I am still beyond furious. Here I am, trying not to overheat, and some dumbass man decides that I am trying to cool off for his sake, that I am doing it for his attention, that he’s welcome to my body. MY body. Later that day, I saw at least 5 men shirtless, walking and jogging along trails. None of them have to worry about being harassed by police, random strangers, being assaulted or raped. They just happily float on by, not doing anything to end this inequality. And all the while, I am made to feel ashamed, inherently sexual, objectified, and morally corrupt because I want the same liberation a man has. 

I’m going to slit someone’s throat the next time that happens. I do not care if I should calmly educate them instead, I need the bloody catharsis of killing a man.  

Some asshole looks at her from several feet away.

"#feminism #injustice #inequality"

If you genuinely think some idiot looking at you is inequality/oppression then you can consider yourself one of the most privileged people to ever walk on the face of the planet.

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When Someone Explains How They Know the Wage Gap Has Nothing to Do with Discrimination


Yes, the 77-cents statistic-turned-soundbite is problematic. Yes, it compares all women in the workforce to all men in the workforce (who work a certain number of hours a week) without controlling or accounting for key factors like education and skill level and experience…

But women are not excelling in fields where they can “get ahead”. Women are excelling in things like liberal arts and English and history whereas men dominate medical studies sciences and engineering…

No, women are excelling fine in STEM fields. However, statistically women are more likely to choose a major because they like it rather than because it will get them more money. So there’s less women choosing to go into certain fields- but they aren’t disadvantaged.

Or are you going to try telling me that women’s freedom to choose a major is somehow oppressing them?

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I really hate when people say that feminist women want the equality ratio to go from “womenmen”. Personally, I feel that feminists, more so just myself because I don’t want to speak for everyone here, want “women=men” more than anything. I just want to be able to go out and get a job in a work environment where I’ll be paid the same amount for the same tasks as men, where I can go out without fear of being raped or assaulted or cat-called or anything and then the first question asked afterwards be “What were you wearing?” Or have someone tell me that “I had it coming” or “maybe if I didn’t dress like that” or even “it was a compliment.” No, it is not a compliment. A compliment is “You have pretty eyes.” “You have nice hair.” “Your personality is amazing.” Not “nice tits.” Not “are you cold in that skirt? Why don’t you come over and I’ll warm you up.” Not “your clothes would look great on my bedroom floor.”

I just want to be an equal with equal opportunities and no fear.

Well… considering that you do get paid the same as men and are several times less likely to be assaulted in the street… you really have no argument here. Think it’s bad to be asked what you were wearing (which is actually a legit investigation question by the way)? Try having the entire culture just laugh and tell you to deal with it when you say your significant other is beating you or someone raped you! Is your only legitimate complaint unwarranted rude “compliments”? Holy shit!

And you think feminism burying men’s issues to deal with this is “women=men”? No. Guess what? Gender issues extend far beyond people saying rude things. They have to do with death, institutional discrimination in the justice system, and a whole host of other things- and all of these affect men, not women. And you’re talking about cat calls as if they’re a reason to prioritize women?

Feminists these days are so astronomically entitled, it’s ridiculous…

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A new form of plastic surgery promises to deliver “firm, young-looking breasts that keep their shape over time” by implanting bra-shaped ‘silicone slings’ underneath the skin.

The procedure – which has been approved in the EU but is currently under review in the US – takes forty-five minutes, with surgeons inserting silicon cups underneath the breast tissue and anchoring them to the bones of the rib cage with titanium screws.

Oh my god when will it fucking stop.

"#sexism #misogyny #feminism"

OP, some people want fucking boob jobs. It isn’t a crime to want a boob job. It isn’t a crime to give someone who wants it a boob job. It isn’t sexism, it isn’t misogyny.

Jesus, why don’t y’all find some real issues already?

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you know its actually a bit of a shame that mens issues dont get the same attention as womens because if they were then a lot of the sole focus and pressure on women in the media would die down and everyone could see up front just how oppressive the media is as a whole and then everyone could all be mad and annoyed together and work together to fix it instead of arguing over who's"more oppressed"

Are you… are you only supporting men’s rights because it might help women to? Or am I misunderstanding you?

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