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if a woman wants to be a housewife and wants to stay at home and cook and clean and look after their husband, that is fine

the problem is when society forces women to think that their only purpose is to stay at home and cook and clean and look after their husband

it’s meant to be a choice

Ahh, I see. So if a lot of women choose to stay at home, that means that society is forcing them.

"It’s meant to be a choice."

It sure as hell isn’t in your mind.

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Why is he called boss, but she’s bossy?

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It’s hilarious because this quote doesn’t even make sense. 

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society needs to stop sending women/girls the message that we can “fix” or “change” boys/men so they will be suitable romantic partners for us. 

fuck that shit. not only is it not our job to be “fixers”, it is impossible to change someone, and this damaging idea was conceived by patriarchy and flourishes through it. 

Oh, please. Tell me how the idea that women should control their partners stems from ~*the patriarchy*~.

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i feel absolutely betrayed.. my “”friend”” said something extremely disturbing today…

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Oh my god, that has nothing to do with patriarchy. You’re being fucking revolting about this.

So your guy friend says that he would think it was hot if his boyfriend physically abused him. That’s it. It’s stupid, but of course, you need to somehow twist it around to make it about you, right? So you say that it is:

"essentially everything wrong with the male mentality, rape culture, and the patriarchy.. additionally, he is saying this to a rape and domestic abuse victim and he knows that. "

Hmm. So, some clueless teenager thinking that he’d like to be abused by his boyfriend summarizes every man’s mentality (because that’s sure not sexist!). Some clueless teenager thinking that he’d like to be abused by his boyfriend is everything wrong with a culture that excuses rape as something venial (that doesn’t make any sense, doesn’t even have shit to do with rape- and there’s much worse parts about supposed “rape culture”… such as rape). Some clueless teenager thinking that he’d like to be abused by his boyfriend is everything wrong with a societal system that is ruled by men and oppresses women (even though it has nothing to do with gender roles, society, or even anything? You’re just being ridiculous now).

And then, you say that him having a fetish for being beaten is a personal attack on you. His misplaced desire for his boyfriend to beat him- which has nothing to do with you- is an insult to you. Since you’re an abuse victim, you decide that instead of helping him, you should just complain about how he’s not your friend anymore on Tumblr. Because #rape! And #patriarchy! And other tags that have nothing to do with the topic at hand!

Fucking hell, you’re a selfish friend.

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NOT ABOUT casual sexism

"i just don’t understand girls"
“girls are just so DRAMATIC”
“i guess girls and boys are just different”


It’s ironic that you would post about that in the feminism tag.

Feminists are among the biggest perpetrators. However, many’ll fight to the death to defend their sexist generalizations.

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apparently blurred lines is the uk’s most downloaded song. okay, just condone the dehumanization of women and overlook the RAPE subtext. not like any of that matters at all.

No, it doesn’t.

Nobody cares about your shitty interpretations. Nobody.

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the whole hate breeds hate argument against oppressed people hating their oppressors only works if you a) think bigots would stop hating us if we were nice, b) blame victims for the crimes done against them, c) think all bigotry is hatred, and d) apply double standards where we’re at fault for bigots’ hatred but they aren’t at fault for ours

"We"- it makes it seem like you think you’re oppressed! Though I see that you list experiencing misogyny on your blog as "oppression", so I’m not surprised.


A) Actually, yes, people would find you a lot less unpleasant and thus treat you better if you tried to be bearable! While most of your “oppressors” (lol) don’t give a shit one way or the other about you, you automatically hate all of them.

B) Why the fuck did you even include this, it has nothing to do with the topic at all.

C) That also makes no fucking sense. No shit not all bigotry is hatred, because bigotry is intolerance of other opinions. A pretty different thing. Why do you even bring it up?

D) So you believe that all people in the group you deem your “oppressors” is a bigot? Yeah, you’re the one at fault here. Nobody has any sympathy for you. Prejudice is prejudice, and you’re oozing with it.

Try again?

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"open minded educated people"
In other words, every feminist ever isn’t actually a feminist.

"open minded educated people"

In other words, every feminist ever isn’t actually a feminist.

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Why do people say “>implying” outside of 4chan

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I need feminism because




I have been trained to hope that if I don’t dress provocatively, I might not get raped, but no guarantee.

That’s true no matter what.

What, do you think feminism will be able to guarantee that you’ll never experience any violent crime? Hint: no. That’s a shitty reason to need feminism.

Of course there is a risk involved no matter what. But let me ask you this -  does anyone say (gender aside) that a person who has their home broken into should have had a better security system? The answer would be no.

The fact that I am told to my face by my family that I should not dress a certain way because it could provoke men to rape, that I should be ashamed of my body because men might harm me and be excused for harming me is a medieval notion that should have been laid to rest with the Crusades.

I need feminism not because I think it will create a safe utopia, but that it will create a more equal, responsible environment for women and men.

My brand of feminism is not about so-called “reverse sexism.” My heart goes out to male survivors of this most heinous crime as well as female survivors. Because of the patriarchy and rape culture, however, men do not tell their survival stories as often as women do because under the patriarchy, being seen as feminine or a woman or a “victim” is unacceptable for a man.

My brand of feminism is about ending the farce that how a woman dresses excuses rape and violent crime against women - no matter who the perpetrator is.

My brand of feminism is about ending the psychologically damaging cultural construct of victim blame. Rape is rape is rape is rape. It should not matter what any survivor of rape was wearing, eating, drinking, saying, or doing. It should not matter how young or old the perpetrator is, nor how promising a future they had. Rape is rape is rape is rape. 

Unfortunately, we live in a society where victim blame is common-place, where a majority of survivors are shamed for a traumatic incident over which they had no control. We live in a society that teaches men and women that women have sole responsibility for the actions taken against them by men, but men hold no responsibility for their actions against women.

My brand of feminism is about equality and responsibility. From what I have seen, your brand of anti-feminism is only about treating other human beings as worthless because you see them as ignorant liars. Instead of trying to educate those with whom you disagree in a rational, mature manner, you disrespectfully condescend. A piece of advice about that? One catches more flies with honey than with vinegar. Feminism has quite a bit of honey. From what I’ve seen, you are apple cider vinegar to the core.

Hmm, you seem to be forgetting a key fact here: worrying about something bringing sexual attention and thus trouble to you =/= telling you it will get you raped. Your family is probably just worried about you. If I genuinely believed that wearing provocative clothing put my kids at higher risk, I would tell them not to also.

Don’t mix up victim-blaming with your family’s concern and misinformation. Though really, none of the original post had anything to do with the wall of text you just wrote.

"It should not matter how young or old the perpetrator is" Is this just your casual way of saying that is isn’t rape if a forty year old has sex with an 11 year old?

"Feminism has quite a bit of honey." Like what? "Kill all men"? Walking down the street half naked? Freebleeding? 

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real feminists don’t spend their time telling men WE DON’T HATE YOU and cis people YOU’RE COOL DO WHAT YOU DO because umm transmisogyny and racism and systematic oppression and basically get out of my movement ya fuckin dopes

"We want equality! So let’s work out a solution….



i just threw up in my mouth a little 

I’m sorry if equal rights disgust you.

And why the fuck did you post a screenshot of my post…?

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I don’t understand the “I’m not a feminist because I’m not oppressed” argument.

How selfish do you have to be to ignore the countless acts of oppression in this country and around the world because you’re not going to get anything out of it?

The totally individualistic…

Bahahahaha… NO woman in the US is oppressed? Are you living in the real world? Because they are indeed. OP is right and you are completely ignoring reality. Completely and utterly. My dad’s company was bought out and the new owners cut the pay of most of its employees. They cut the pay of the women the most and you know what their response was when my dad called them on it? “I don’t know what you’re complaining about, they still get paid more than any other women at our company.”

Uh, you think larger pay cuts (for reasons you don’t understand, mind you) means oppression?

Take a class.

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It's real simple. When a man has something happen to him, it's his fault cause teh patriarchy. When something happens to a woman, it's a man's fault. Everything is men's fault. That's like the core tenet of patriarchy-feminism. It's air tight. It can sustain itself indefinitely as long as bad things happen and bad things aren't going to stop happening any time soon.


Yeah, basically.

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When I say I hate men I do not mean that I hate every single man individually I mean that I hate what men have done to me and what they represent to me and if u take it personally u are 1) a…

I actually like guys a lot. I think they should express their emotions and I also think woman should be held equally accountable for their actions. The problem is that we aren’t equal and that’s what I want. Not to oppress men, but also not to oppress woman why is that a hard concept.

Because there’s no evidence to support that men and women are truly unequal. More advantaged people are men? More disadvantaged people are men, too. So, what, men are privileged because 477 individual men own fortune 500 companies? Because meanwhile, there’s many thousands more homeless men than women.

Feminists go off of the assumption that women are more disadvantaged, and therefore devote time and energy into giving women every advantage they can. However, if the sexes aren’t truly unequal, then feminists are working against gender equality.

That’s how it works.

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Far more men get murdered and assaulted, but it isn’t a “men’s issue”.

So why is rape a women’s issue? Why does everyone feel the need to give crimes a gender? Things are never that black and white.

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